Skin asthma, also called eczema, is a very common skin condition brought on by attack of allergens.

Skin asthma is much more commonly known as eczema or atopic dermatitis. This problem, which is marked through the skin being extra sensestive to specific irritants, typically affects people predisposed to asthma or allergies. The National Eczema Association estimates a lot more than 30 million individuals have this condition in the usa. For some, this chronic skin ailment can come and go, for other people, it is an ongoing battle. Identifying the sign and symptoms of skin asthma can better assist you to treat this uncomfortable condition.

How you can Recognize Skin Asthma

The most typical body parts apt to be affected with skin asthma would be the joints and also the areas surrounding them. But skin asthma symptoms will also be visible around the scalp, chest, hands, feet as well as eyes. Your skin on these areas will turn red and scaly to look at. These marks will exist in conjunction, if you have skin asthma in your left knee, your right knee will even show the twelve signs.

The skin from the affected areas is going to be swollen. The swelling can be really obvious following a recent attack of allergens in your body. The soreness will reduce following the allergens are taken off the body or maybe they leave your body on their own. The alternate pattern of increase and reduce in swelling continues for as long because the allergens keep attacking your body.

If the is exposed to pollution, dust, harmful chemicals, strong fragranced perfumes, smoke, detergents and pollens, the the signs of skin asthma increases many fold. Even alterations in the climate is going to be responsible for attack of skin asthma. Our recommendation is that a diary should be maintained to find out the circumstances which trigger the attack. Knowing the cause, it is advisable to avoid contact with it.

Skin Asthma Signs and Symptoms

Skin Asthma Signs and Symptoms


Skin asthma can be displayed on the skin in a number of ways. Many times, it appears as red, scaly inflamed patches. This condition may also appear as cracked skin or as small white bumps. In almost any scenario, skin asthma is very itchy. Avoid excessive scratching since it can lead to infection.

How To Prevent Skin Asthma?

In the event of skin asthma, prevention is certainly better than cure. People struggling with skin asthma are encouraged to keep their skin hydrated all the time. This means they ought to drink a minimum of three liters water every day and apply moisturizer all the time. This will help keep your skin moisturized.

You may also re-apply a thick cream based moisturizer 3 to 4 times each day in order to prevent dry scaly formations related to skin asthma. Doctors generally recommend Aquafor for this function. This medicated moisturizer forms a protective layer within the skin to avoid infection from allergens.

Consume a well-balanced and proper diet to build a powerful immune system. The defense mechanisms can help fight infection causing bacteria. However, when the immune system is weak the bacteria/allergens will discover it easier to spread infection within your body. You can take multi-vitamin and omega-3 fatty acids supplements. These not just boost the defense mechanisms but also prevent redness and inflammation of skin.

For those who have had a panic attack of skin asthma, you’ll feel intense urge to scratch your skin. The intensity to itch becomes stronger during the night. Under no circumstances in the event you scratch the skin. Cut your nails really short so the skin isn’t harmed even though you do scratch.